National & Local Priorities

National Priorities

  • A Strong Response To The Climate Emergency

    We have to act now to address the climate emergency. Sarah Olney supports immediate and ambitious action and not just more hot air.

    We need to recover from the Covid crisis in a way that supports the fight against climate change.  Green homes are a key part of this initiative.

  • Shaping A Positive And Beneficial Relationship With Europe

    Sarah Olney opposed Brexit.  Now that we are leaving the EU, Sarah wants to make sure that our UK businesses, students, travellers and consumers are protected.

    She will continue to promote openness, cooperation and friendship with our closest neighbours. 

  • Accessible transport for all

  • A stronger police presence


Local Priorities

  • Hammersmith Bridge Closure

    The closure of Hammersmith Bridge is causing great inconvenience to local residents, especially since the emergency closure to pedestrians and cyclists in August.

    The bridge is owned by Hammersmith and Fulham Council, and maintained by Transport for London.  Neither has the funds to pay for repairs or a temporary bridge, so the Government will have to step in to fund them.  Sarah Olney is calling on the Department for Transport to address this urgently. Sarah is also working with TfL to reduce the impact on local residents while the bridge is being repaired.

  • Local Housing Developments

    Sarah Olney is working with local communities to make sure that new developments are in line with the needs of the community.

    With major developments planned for the old Homebase site on Manor Road in North Sheen, the old Stag Brewery site in Mortlake and the Canbury site in North Kingston, it is vital that elected representatives at all levels work together to make sure that local residents' voices are heard and their interests protected.

  • No To Heathrow Expansion

    Sarah Olney opposed building a third runway at Heathrow Airport. Sarah was delighted to be in front of the Royal Courts of Justice on February 27 when the Appeals Court ruled against the Government, saying they had unlawfully ignored the Paris Agreement in their proposal.  Sarah hopes this judgment will put an end to the third runway for good.

    Whether it does or not, Sarah will continue to fight for better air quality and noise reduction in Parliament.

  • Strengthening Police Presence

    Richmond Park is one of the safest constituencies in London, but there are still security issues that need to be addressed. From crime against young people, to antisocial behaviour in the town centres, to excessive noise in residential areas, we need the police to be a more visible presence in the community.


    Sarah has been working closely with Met Police to improve the safety and quality of life of Richmond Park constituents since taking office, and she is committed to fighting for continuous improvement. 

Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and Liberal Democrat spokesperson for transport and climate change.

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Subtle Shapes Transparent
Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and Liberal Democrat spokesperson for transport and climate change.

As the Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park, I am a committed advocate for liberal values of inclusivity, opportunity and equality. I am proud to be the voice of Richmond Park in Westminster, working hard on behalf of all of my constituents.

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