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Night Flights consultation: CLOSES 22ND MAY

The Government is currently consulting on the rules and regulations that will govern night flights at Heathrow.

They've proposed keeping all rules the same for the next three years but at the summers get hotter and more research becomes available showing the damage these flights do to our health, three years is far too long to wait. 

To read my draft consultation response, and submit your own response, click the buttons below:


Banning Night Flights

Sarah Olney MP is calling for a full ban on all night flights at Heathrow and a government inquiry into the damage they are doing to our health.

Evidence gathered by the Civil Aviation Authority and British Medical Journal shows that living under night flights can increase your risk of stroke, affect your mental health, and damage your productivity at work and school. It's time the Government put communities first and stood up to Heathrow.

Following the start of her campaign, Heathrow committed to bringing in a ban on all night flying between 12 pm and 4:30 am. While it is a good start, there is still more to be done and Sarah is fighting to make sure all her constituents can get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Prohibition of
Night Flights Bill 

In January 2024, Sarah tabled a Bill which would compel Ministers to conduct a study into the impact night flights have on our communities. 


The bill was co-sponsored by six other MPs from across the UK and is the first time any MP has attempted to enshrine a full inquiry into Night Flying into legislation.

For more information click here.

Night Flights: Debate

After more than 700 planes were delayed beyond 11:30 pm in the summer of 2022, Sarah held a debate in Parliament calling on the Government to acknowledge the damage Heathrow was doing to residents across London. 

She was supported in the debate by a cross party group of MPs from the Liberal Democrats, Labour, SNP and the DUP.

For more information click here.

Fighting for everyone affected by Aircraft noise

Alongside her campaign for a ban on night flights, Sarah has been fighting to hold airports to account cross the UK.

She is vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Airport Communities, a long time opponent of Heathrow expansion, and a passionate campaigner against aircraft pollution. 

During her time in office she has written to dozens of ministers calling for more oversight, better controls on the Heathrow, and an airport that is genuinely accountable to the public.

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