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Standing up to Thames Water

Thames Water is planning to embark on a massive building project across Ham Lands. Acres of land will be destroyed, and this beautiful nature reserve could be scarred for years to come.

And after all the construction and disruption, they will have built a pipeline that funnels millions of litres of treated sewage into the river when it is at its most vulnerable. 

This project is not right for Ham Lands, it's not right for the river, and it's not right for our community. We need a better alternative.

Read my consultation response to Thames Water here.

Fighting for cleaner rivers:

Over the past decade, water companies have dumped billions of litres of sewage into our rivers and streams. 

I've been fighting for better regulation, a ban on water bosses bonuses, and a new kind of water company that puts the public interest at the heart of every decision they make. 

The Thames is the heart of our community, it's time it got the respect it deserves. 

Saving Ham Lands

Since Thames Water announced this scheme, I have been using every tool at my disposal to make sure it does not go ahead. We are making progress and opposition to their proposals is growing, but we still need to do more. 

Below you can find a selection of the actions I've taken to oppose this scheme so far, if you'd like to keep up to date with my campaign, sign up for my weekly newsletter where I post regular updates. 

Save Ham Lands Westminster Hall

Save Ham Lands Westminster Hall

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Westminster Hall Debate

In early September, I challenged the Minister for Water Quality and Resilience to explain why her Government has been ignoring local residents who have overwhelmingly demanded that Thames Water stop developing these proposals and leave our community in peace.  

Early Day Motion - Thames Water London Effluent Reuse Scheme

Over the summer, I put a motion to Parliament calling on the Government to recognise the damage this proposal would do to our community and demanding that they look into alternative ways to secure London's water resources. 

Lobbying ministers and decision makers

Since plans were announced, I have done everything I can to show decision makers the damage these plans would do to our community. 

Given that construction won't start for quite some time, many larger organisations have not recognised the urgency of stopping these proposals. 

From writing to Ministers, meeting with the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, and speaking with interest groups like the National Trust, I have been urging all sides to listen to residents' concerns. 

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