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Richmond Park News: 3 June 2022

I know I speak for my constituents today in expressing my admiration for Her Majesty the Queen. Her seventy years of service to Britain as its monarch, to say nothing of her service during World War II prior to her coronation, represent a long lifetime of hard work and devotion to her country.

With Parliament in recess this week I have had the opportunity to go to a number of constituency events, at which residents told me how much they are looking forward to the Jubilee festivities. I am delighted to hear that there will be hundreds of street parties in Richmond and Kingston this weekend to mark this historic occasion. I hope Her Majesty enjoys the celebrations as much as the rest of us, and knows how much her constancy and strength have meant to her people.


Last Friday I was invited to visit the Cambrian Community Centre and the Community Gym. Established in 1989, the gym became part of the Cambrian Centre in 2002, providing facilities for users of all abilities and ages in a comfortable atmosphere. Referrals come from within the community, including GPs and other health professionals.

At the Cambrian Community Centre I was pleased to join in an art class led by art teacher Claire McCormack. The students were working on Cezanne-style still life drawing and mixed media art responding to the invasion Ukraine. Their work will be featured in the upcoming Kingston Open Artists Studio event.

Other activities held regularly at Centre include: Cambrian Community Choir, papier mâché, English as a second language, Hartbeeps for babies and toddlers, and table tennis. I was delighted to hear more about this vibrant community hub and highly recommend Richmond residents look at their offerings here.


I was pleased to host a coffee morning at Cafe L'Amandine in Ham on Monday. We had a lively and wide-ranging discussion on housing, climate change, air quality, fly tipping on Ham Parade, access to Kew Gardens and Richmond Park for people with limited mobility, the Government's immigration policy, and the need to encourage more people to cycle while addressing poor behaviour by some cyclists.

I also spoke to Cafe L'Amandine owner Lamisse about the challenges her business is facing. She has cafes on Friars Stile Road in Richmond and on Kingston Road in Teddington as well as on Parkleys Parade in Ham. Her cafes serving hot food as well as hot drinks, pastries and fresh bread.