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Richmond and Kingston Update: April 2


A number of constituents have gotten in touch with me about registering as vulnerable. I just wanted to clarify what the situation is around this designation.

The government is compiling a national database of people they are designating as "extremely vulnerable." Many people have been put on this list automatically and sent letters to say they are on it. The criteria for inclusion in this list are quite strict and very specific. It includes people with certain types of cancer or severe respiratory conditions, pregnant women, and people with suppressed immune systems.

This register is designed to identify those who are the most vulnerable and designate them as "extremely vulnerable." It is NOT intended to include everyone who is vulnerable in some way, such as those over 70, or people with other health conditions.

Many online grocery stores are using this register to allocate priority delivery slots. As frustrating as this may be for others, please try to remember that this is to make priority provision available for the MOST needy, not necessary ALL of the needy.

If you are vulnerable or self-isolating and you do not qualify for the register, you can:

  • try to get a normal grocery delivery slot

  • discuss your situation directly with the store

  • use the special shopping hours for vulnerable people

  • phone your council hub: Richmond: 0208 871 6555, or Kingston: 020 8547 5000

  • ask for help from your neighbourhood or family support network

  • order supplies online or by phone from smaller local shops offering delivery in your area. See my list at

If you feel you or a family member should be on the national extremely vulnerable list but have not received a letter, the way to get onto it is to fill out the form here: Please note that you will have to specify your condition. Age alone does not put you in the official category of "extremely vulnerable." Many people who clearly are vulnerable, and who have been instructed by doctors or officials to self-isolate, will not qualify for "extremely vulnerable" designation.

This list is being shared with councils, who will use it to make sure they are reaching all of the extremely vulnerable and supporting them with food parcels, etc. Councils will also be offering this support to other extremely vulnerable people who are known to them through health or social services but who are not on the central government register.

Please do reach out for help through the council hubs if you are vulnerable or self isolating for other reasons. They are there to support you; they are well resourced by the councils; and they have been deluged with offers of assistance from willing volunteers. And if you can only get a delivery slot from a grocery store for two weeks from now, please take it. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and in two weeks you will be glad you booked it.