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Richmond and Kingston Covid-19 Update, April 6

Like everyone else, I was deeply concerned to hear that the Prime Minister is in intensive care in hospital. This is an unprecedented situation -- a Prime Minister unwell in hospital in the midst of a national crisis, with other key government figures in and out of isolation as their health permits.

My best wishes go first to the PM; I sincerely hope for his very speedy and complete recovery. I know how hard he has been working and how committed he is to leading us through this pandemic with minimal loss of life. He will be anxious to get back to work as soon as possible and I hope he is well enough to do so soon.

The best way for us all to help the Prime Minister at this point is to try to keep the national picture from worsening during his illness. We should all look to our own actions in response to the virus and make sure we are doing our part to keep infection rates down. Please make sure you are observing social distancing and hygiene guidelines scrupulously, and staying at home as much as possible, in line with government instructions.

If you would like to help a little more, you might want to participate in Kings College London's Covid-19 symptom tracking study. They are asking people to use their app to let them know every day whether they have symptoms. This will help build a good picture of how the disease is moving through the population. They would especially welcome participation by older people. Download the app "C-19 Symptom Tracker by Zoe Global" from the app store on your phone, or for more information go to

If you are concerned about how Parliament is functioning under social distancing, you might like to know that Parliamentary digital staff are developing a virtual House of Commons for the end of the Easter recess. The plans would enable MPs to call in remotely to certain parliamentary proceedings, so we can continue to support and scrutinise Government during the Covid-19 lockdown. Members will be able to take part in Prime Minister’s Questions, urgent questions and ministerial statements.

Thank you very much for all of the good wishes you are sending into our office. I am here to help all of my constituents through this crisis and I am grateful for the kindness and public spirit of everyone in Richmond Park. Please continue your efforts to support and protect each other as we join together in hoping for good news about the Prime Minister soon.

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