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Kingston and Richmond Covid-19 Update: April 22

Today is Earth Day, and although the events have been cancelled it's worth taking a moment to appreciate the improvements to air quality we have experienced during the lockdown, especially here in London. Let's all have a think about what measures we can put in place ourselves to help keep our air clean once this crisis is over. Contact my office with your ideas by emailing and we will post your ideas here tomorrow.


Michele from North Sheen has made this beautiful work of art to thank our key workers - I'm sure it will inspire extra applause this week when we clap for carers. Her work reminds us of all the non-health care key workers who are also making sacrifices and taking risks for us.

The Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign calling for a Frontline Support Package, a five-point plan to give frontline workers the support they need and the recognition they deserve. The package includes measures to scale up the procurement of PPE, a frontline service reward and a deployment allowance of £29 per day in line with the Operational Allowance Armed Forces personnel deployed to dangerous areas.

We believe our frontline workers deserve recognition and thanks from the country. I know they appreciate the clapping and the wonderful handmade signs in windows, but they should also be officially recognised and compensated for their heroic efforts.


The BBC has launched its new Bitesize Daily to help ensure that every child in the UK has the opportunity to follow the appropriate core parts of the national curriculum from home. . Bitesize Daily, will bring 14 weeks of educational programmes and lessons to every household in the country. Content is available across BBC iPlayer, BBC Four, BBC Sounds and the Red Button as well as the BBCBitesize website and app, so it will be accessible to children who do not have access to a computer.

This service will involve a host of well-known faces from Professor Brian Cox explaining science topics to Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero teaching children to count in Spanish. The curriculum is designed to minimise disruption to children’s education and provide rhythm and routine for them. I've had a look at it today and it is extremely well organised, easy to follow and appealing. I'm sure it will be very helpful and enjoyable for children (and their parents and carers!)


Turn2us is a national charity that provides practical information and support to people facing financial crisis. Go to website at or call our helpline at 0808 802 2000 for: