The Future of Education After Covid-19

A panel discussion about post-pandemic changes to education provision

  • Tuesday April 13 at 7:00pm over Zoom

Sarah Olney, Member of Parliament for Richmond Park, will be joined by Daisy Cooper, Member of Parliament for St Albans and the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Education, and Ian Dodds, Director of Children's Services for Richmond and Kingston boroughs. Daisy Cooper has campaigned vigorously for increased support for schools and early years settings throughout the pandemic, recognising the increased pressure on them and the radical changes they have had to make in how they deliver learning. She has also called for greater transparency on the scientific, medical and other evidence underpinning decisions. Daisy has pressed the Government repeatedly to act more decisively on major announcements, from exams to testing, to give pupils, parents and teachers sufficient time to prepare. Ian Dodds has been leading children's services for over 20 years, and is currently responsible for the education of the 50,000 children in Kingston and Richmond boroughs. Under Ian's leadership Achieving for Children has worked with local schools to implement shifting Government guidance over the past year, striving to support teachers to continue to deliver an excellent education to these children despite the many challenges of 2020 and 2021. Sarah will talk to Daisy and Ian about the ways the landscape of education will be permanently changed by the pandemic. What positives will come out of this experience, and what lessons do we need to learn from it? How will schools cope with future challenges, and what can we do to support our children in their education going forward? The panel will answer questions from attendees, submitted both in advance and on the night. Whether your question is local or national, Sarah, Daisy and Ian will be happy to address it.

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Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and Liberal Democrat spokesperson for transport and climate change.

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Subtle Shapes Transparent
Member of Parliament for Richmond Park and Liberal Democrat spokesperson for transport and climate change.

As the Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park, I am a committed advocate for liberal values of inclusivity, opportunity and equality. I am proud to be the voice of Richmond Park in Westminster, working hard on behalf of all of my constituents.

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