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Sarah talking to a police officer

Sign my petition: 
Bring back Richmond police station

Richmond Park used to be home to three full Police stations, but after years of government cuts, all have been closed, sold off, and redeveloped. Crime rates are rising across London, successful investigations are rare, and many residents tell me they no longer feel safe walking the streets at night. 

Now, after closing 108 Police Stations across London, the Metropolitan Police are reviewing their strategy and considering whether new sites will be needed in light of their increased numbers and the communities demands. As they consider their next move we need to seize this opportunity to show that there is an overwhelming local call for a site in Richmond. 

In 2017 with the closure of the Sovereign Gate station, our local police forces were rehomed across the river in Twickenham. Since then, residents have reported a rise in anti-social behaviour, car thefts, and break-ins. Despite the dedication and hard work of local police officers, it is clear that the lack of a permanent police presence in the community has left many people feeling as if they have been abandoned by the Met.

New analysis by Dr Elisa Facchetti of the Centre for European Policy Research shows that closing a police station leads to an average 11% rise in violent crime in the surrounding area.  Perhaps more shockingly, it also results in a 40% drop in residents reporting incidents as they lose faith in the police's commitment to protecting their neighbourhoods. 

Re-establishing a permanent police station in the centre of Richmond would restore local trust in the police and demonstrate that the police remain fully committed to keeping the peace in our streets.

Sign my petition to provide a new police station in Richmond Park and bring hard-working, local police officers back to our streets. 


We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor of London and Metropolitan Police to support the re-establishment of a permanent, fully operational police station in Richmond town centre.

Thanks for signing!

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