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Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Competition 2021

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Winner: "Winter Walk" by Emma Chambers

IMG_4299 (1).jpg

Emma is a local artist who paints from close observation and a unique view point.  With an honesty and delicacy her paintings allow us to become immersed in the still, calm world of plants and landscapes.

Website:       Instagraminsta.emma.artist.chambers1

Runner-up: "Christmastime in Richmond" by Roger Hutchins


Roger Hutchins has worked as a professional illustrator and graphic designer for over thirty years.  He combines illustration with adult education, teaching drawing, painting and illustration. Roger has painted the view from Richmond Hill many times in different media.  He enjoys capturing the River Thames in its various moods.

Twitter: @RogerHutchinsI1
Instagram: rogerhutchinsillustrator
Flickr: R Hutchins

Selected Entries

"The Hogarth Press" by Wendy Hale

Hogarth Press Christmas v1 (1).jpg

Wendy takes inspiration for her work from everyday life, ranging from nature with its changing seasons, to local landmarks such as Hampton Court Palace, to the vibrant, colourful markets of India. She is particularly interested in sustainability, using an eclectic mix of new and reclaimed fabrics, which she transforms and gives a new lease of life.


Wendy was inspired to produce The Hogarth Press when researching for another project.  She found the building aesthetically pleasing with its particularly elegant shape and style as well as the history behind it.  The Hogarth Press is the British publishing house founded in March 1917 by Leonard and Virginia Woolf. 

Wendy used freehand machine embroidery on a linen background, then appliqued a colourful selection of contrasting new and vintage cotton fabrics in some favourite colours and prints, adding delicate lace to further enhance details of the architecture, as well as hand stitching.

Instagram: wendyjane.designs

Facebook: Wendy Jane Designs

Etsy Shop:

"Hammersmith Bridge" by Nathaniel Fowles

Nathaniel Fowles is an artist based in Sussex who uses both urban and rural landscape as a rich source of inspiration. He is currently building a body of work exploring the river Thames as it winds its way down from near the Cotswolds through London to the sea.


Instagram: @NathanielFowles

Twitter: @NathanielFowles

"Morning Glory" by Rama Singh

Rama Singh grew up in Varanasi, India, and has a masters in Fine Arts from Banaras Hindu University . Rama has lived in London for fourteen years and in Richmond for the last seven.  

Rama loves capturing the harmony of colour and the luminosity of an environment with acrylic and watercolour.  This watercolour painting includes a range of subjects represented through the dynamic flow of vibrant colours, mainly in abstract forms and shapes.

Mobile: 078181519394


"Christmas in Richmond"
by Ruth Blackford

As an artist and illustrator Ruth's work is varied,  but she has been producing picture maps of various places around the UK for some time now.  Her maps are often commissioned work featuring and highlighting her customers' favourite places and people. 



Instagram: ruth.blackford

"Deer in the Rainforest"
  by Rashi Basraiyan

Rashi Basraiyan, who submitted this drawing of a deer walking through a lake in Richmond park, is a local artist and designer. Rashi's work typically incorporates bright pops of color, vibrant typography, and hand-drawing pencil sketch motifs.

Rashi offers short courses and classes in Sutton.

Instagram: @rashi_artaquarium

Facebook: @artaquarium4u

"A Winter Wonderland
in Richmond
by Mark Goodwin

Mark Goodwin is an artist from Hampton Hill painting in acrylics and oils.  Mark paints city landmarks, Italian Renaissance subjects, Expressionist art,and wildlife.


Google business page:

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